Electrical Fire Safety

There is a long and interesting history of when, how and who discovered electricity which you can read more about here. Since it was discovered we have become increasingly more reliant on electricity, with it now being used to power many aspects of our lives from the moment we wake up but sometimes we can …

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Tick Tock Test

“Last year, 248 people lost their lives due to a fire at home. Many of these could have been prevented” Despite smoke alarms sounding a regular beep to warn us the battery needs changing, as with all electrical items there are other faults than can occur causing the item to stop functioning correctly. In …

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The History of the 999 Call

From 1927 the recommended way of contacting the emergency services was to dial 0 for the switchboard and ask for the relevant emergency service operator. However, there was no way of the operator knowing which incoming calls to prioritize and the switchboard was often jammed with calls making it difficult to alert anyone. In mid …

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What Is Compartmentation and Why Is It so Important?

Despite advances in building and the materials used, fire will always remain a threat so what can be done to minimize the damage and potential loss of life. As well as alarm systems and sprinkler systems, compartmentation is an element of passive fire protection that keeps a fire contained in one place, drastically slowing down …

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BBQ Safety Tips

Outdoor activities are great in the summer holidays, especially when our unpredictable British weather kindly provides some sunshine. School holidays and an upcoming bank holiday weekend also mean the barbecues are likely to come out. Whether at home in the garden or disposable barbecues elsewhere it’s time to brush up on a few BBQ safety …

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Fire Extinguishers – A Brief History (Part 2)

1866 – Francois Carlier Frenchman Francois Carlier, invented a different version of Manby’s fire extinguisher – the soda-acid extinguisher. Instead of using compressed air, his version of the extinguisher contained two containers underneath a tank of water. One container held tartaric acid and the other a sodium bicarbonate solution which when pierced would mix together …

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