By Hannah Cheshire

Outdoor activities are great in the summer holidays, especially when our unpredictable British weather kindly provides some sunshine. School holidays and an upcoming bank holiday weekend also mean the barbecues are likely to come out. Whether at home in the garden or disposable barbecues elsewhere it’s time to brush up on a few BBQ safety tips

General Tips

  • Check your barbecue is in good working order
  • Read the operating instructions provided with your barbecue
  • Set up the barbecue on a hard, flat surface away from any trees, sheds, tents etc
  • NEVER leave a barbecue unattended
  • Keep any children, pets and garden games a safe distance away from the barbecue
  • NEVER use any sort of barbecue inside, they can release dangerous CO fumes
  • Let your barbecue cool completely before attempting to move it

Charcoal Barbecues

  • NEVER use petrol to light a barbecue
  • Only use recognised fire lighters or starter fuel and only on cold coals
  • Don’t overfill the barbecue, only use enough charcoal to cover the base of the barbecue to a depth of about 2 inches
  • NEVER put hot ashes in the bin, they could quickly melt the plastic and start a fire!

Disposable Barbeques

  • Read the instructions that come with your disposable barbecue and follow them carefully
  • If there is a designated barbecue area – use it!
  • Ensure disposable barbecues have fully cooled down before disposing of them, you can even pour cold water on it just to make sure

Gas Barbecues

  • Make sure there are no leaks to the gas cylinder or pipe work by brushing soapy water around the joints and watching closely for bubbles
  • Ensure the barbecue is in working order and all hoses are attached correctly
  • Turn the tap off before changing the gas cylinder
  • Change cylinders outdoors or in a well ventilated area
  • Turn off the gas cylinders before switching off your barbecue to ensure any gas remaining in the pipe work is used
  • Don’t store more cylinders than you need and NEVER store them in direct sunlight

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