Care Homes

A care home environment presents a set of distinctive challenges, which means that the consequences of not getting fire safety precautions into place correctly can be catastrophic.

By understanding exactly what is required of you as a responsible person in a care home, you can ensure that all residents can continue to enjoy their surroundings safe in the knowledge that you have done everything within your power to mitigate the threat of fire.

Fire Safety in a Care Home Environment

Fire safety in a care home is regulated under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. This regulation places the onus on those who have any involvement in fire safety in a care environment such as managers, risk assessment professionals and alarm technicians.

However, the duty to ensure the correct actions are taken within the care setting lies with the care provider as an employer or ‘responsible person’. It is then the job of local fire services to ensure these orders are enforced, this can be during a routine inspection or after a fire.

The most important aspect of this order is the fire risk assessment, which every care home must have completed and kept up to date to ensure all care staff are aware of the procedures during an emergency.

Although there is no specific requirement that says that fire risk assessments must be carried out by an expert – by law, managers and care home owners can undertake the work themselves. However, some form of expertise should be sought in most cases, especially since you’re working with vulnerable people.

Challenges of Fire Safety in a Care Home


Vulnerable People

Fire Risk Assessments

Mixed-Use Buildings

How Can FireArrest Help Care Homes?

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