Latimer Fire Protection Case Study

By Andrew Blackwell

In the following case study, we explain how we were able to help Latimer Fire Protection increase productivity and become completely compliant and future proof.

At FireArrest, we’re proud to have created an intuitive passive fire protection (PFP) application that allows specialists within the industry to save time in order to get more done. What’s more, the system is so easy to use, there’s very little training required and users can get on with what they do best.

Client Overview

Joel Latimer, the owner of Latimer Fire Protection Ltd, has over 15 years’ experience within the PFP industry. He founded Latimer Fire Protection Ltd in 2008 to offer Passive Fire Protection, Air sealing and Acoustics solutions to businesses and organisations across the UK.

As PFP specialists, Latimer Fire Protection Ltd offer a variety of services including the installation of cavity fire barriers, compound to floor voids, and structural steel protection. Along with this, they provide customers with full documentation which includes ID labels and photographs of every item serviced, checked and installed in the O&M file.

Their clients include the NHS, Local Authorities, Principal Contractors, Supermarket chains and Drylining and Ceiling Contractors. As a company, they pride themselves on providing a first-class service to clients, with a focus on complete compliance.


Latimer Fire Protection Ltd had used other PFP apps in the past but found them to be complicated and long-winded. As such, they were looking for a recording system that was not only simple and easy to use, but effective too.

The Solution

Due to the comprehensive list of services offered and compliance requirements it was vital for Latimer Fire Protection Ltd to have a system that enabled staff to easily record activity, reducing admin time and any associated costs. What’s more, an effective PFP system needed to provide full traceability for compliance.

As Joel Latimer explains, “We were looking for a recording system that was simple and easy to use but effective. Any new solution we adopted had to
concentrated on quality and compliance.”

Joel goes on to say, “We came across FireArrest and after trialling it for a short while, it was apparent that it was simple, fast and effective to use. Our team had no problem adopting it. It’s user friendly, modern and intuitive. I’d have to say the most beneficial features of the app is that it offers complete compliance. All historical data is stored in the cloud so it can be accessed at any time, providing us with a complete audit trail.”

Developed alongside fire stopping professionals, FireArrest was designed to provide a modern solution to those in the industry. Its aim was to disrupt the market by offering the most intuitive solution available at the most competitive price.

Simply put, the FireArrest app enables users to get more done. How? It streamlines the process of recording data, minimising the time it takes to input data saving businesses time and essentially money. Key features include autosave, pin data, offline mode, photo annotations, digital document signing and geo-zones. The app also allows users to manage labour and material costs, along with adding the rate of VAT, meaning users can automatically calculate the total cost of a project.

The Result

As Joel explains, “I’d happily recommend FireArrest to others in the PFP industry. It’s so incredibly easy to use and it does everything you need it to. It ensures compliance of installed works and proves what work has been carried out when and where and by whom.”

He goes on to say, “The support we’ve had from the technical team at FireArrest has been fantastic. They’re incredibly responsive and I can’t fault them.”


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