As we know, lives can be placed in considerable danger when a significant failure occurs within a building in the event of a fire. Fires in buildings, both commercial and residential, have the capacity to destroy the building’s structure and people’s belongings with complete ease if the correct procedures have not been undertaken.

To give a building resilience against the sheer devastation of fire, preparing a building for fire during construction plays a vital role in protecting life, their homes and businesses and their belongings.

Fire Protection in Construction Explained

Depending on the size of a new construction project, it is highly unlikely that fire stopping measures are part of the agenda in the first stages (0 and 1) of the project brief. Consequently, Stage 2 is often the first opportunity to open dialogue about fire protection.

Without this dialogue, it becomes more likely that the requirements for fire safety will be overlooked during the physical construction. Therefore, it is down to the responsible person to foster a collaborative and positive attitude towards fire safety aspects during building construction.

The responsible person, architects, structural engineers and services engineers (electricians and plumbers, for example) are most frequently the core of this team – relying on communication and collaboration to deliver fire safety specifications. 

The FireArrest App

At FireArrest our mission is to help our clients cover every stage of a passive fire safety project, to ensure that everything from the initial survey to the completed build is up to the standards required for effective fire protection.

Our innovative passive fire protection app contains a range of intuitive tools and features to enable you and your team to accurately complete and report upon every facet of your project, while at the same time providing a complete audit trail to ensure everyone remains accountable.

Our app has been designed in close consultation with a range of fire stopping specialists for use in the passive fire protection sector.

The selection of features enables users to work efficiently and collaboratively by allowing users the chance to share information and data within the app and create downloadable customisable reports.

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