Facilities Management

By working closely with a Facilities Manager an organisation can home in on the core essentials to ensure all building compliance, cleanliness, security, and safety concerns are addressed.

This includes all services that are related to fire protection, electrical and mechanical systems, water management, building repairs, general health and safety and more.

Facilities Managers & Fire Safety

Since Facilities Managers focus on all aspects of fire management within a premises, thus making them the “responsible person” in a good deal of cases, it’s essential for them to have the correct tools to ensure that a workplace is secure, relaxed, productive and sustainable.

Through their day-to-day work, Facilities Managers help to uphold the integrity of an organisation’s bottom line through their management and protection of the most significant assets. Fire safety is a substantial part of this protection, which is why Facilities Managers are responsible for the management of the integrity of a building, the equipment and any other environment therein which is directly tied to employees, productivity and inventory.

How Can Our App Help Facilities Managers?

Here at FireArrest, our innovative fire stopping app has been developed in close consultation with a range of professionals to ensure that any passive fire protection project is efficient and secure.

The app includes a range of carefully selected tools and features to offer Facilities Managers and their teams the adaptability to resolve, communicate and inform every facet of a fire stopping project.

The app recognises that the vital part of performing a large-scale fire stopping undertaking is cooperation, interaction and productivity.  

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