Fire Stopping

Fire, as we all know, can be a significant danger to life, property and belongings. If a fire is allowed to rage within a confined space, it can quickly destroy the structure of a building, which poses another threat to human life through falling debris as well as the spread of flames and smoke.

In order to ensure that a building is capable of restricting the spread of a blaze, the responsible person for the facility must ensure that correct fire stopping procedures are adhered to.

Fire Stopping Explained

To create a comprehensive passive fire protection system, all gaps in walls, floors and ceilings must be fire stopped to prevent a passage for the spread of flames, smoke and noxious gas. These gaps could be the result of anything from cables, ducts and piping.

Every solution for preventing the passing of fire through a building will react differently in the event of a blaze, which is why it’s crucial to undertake a thorough inspection since no single solution is appropriate in every situation.

An excellent example of this is plastic pipes, which must be very carefully assessed. This is because research has shown that different kinds of plastic will behave entirely differently when exposed to heat.

All fire stopping activity must be tested in accordance with the methods specified in the appropriate standards, the BS 476: Part 20: 1987, BS EN 1366-3:2004 and BS EN 1366-4:2006.

How Can the FireArrest App Help You?

At FireArrest, our pioneering fire stopping app has been designed with the help of professionals from the fire stopping industry for use during a passive fire protection project.

The app features a range of features and tools to give you and your team the flexibility to complete, share and report upon any part of your fire stopping project. The most important part of undertaking any large-scale fire stopping plan is collaboration, communication and efficiency.

The app allows teams to share information, data and reports while ensuring everyone on the team remains accountable with a complete audit trail of all work completed.

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