Firearrest digital surveying software - What’s New?

By Andrew Blackwell

The team at FireArrest have been working hard and are pleased to announce the exciting developments to our system, which will be released very soon!

Along with a new look and feel to the UI these are just a few of the new features being added:

Now available on iOS – download FireArrest on any iOS phone or tablet (minimum iOS 5.0 +).

Operatives are now assigned to a project – allow an operative to use FireArrest on any device and pick up from where they were last working. A flexible system means you do not need to worry what devices are being used on a project!

Multiple operatives working on a drawing – FireArrest acknowledges that on larger projects, more than one operative will work on a drawing. A live sync between devices will keep all employees up to date with pins being added to the same drawing in real time.

Annotate photographs – After taking photograph of works, use our new tool which allows you to draw on the photo to highlight important areas.

Drag and drop pins – placed a pin in the wrong area?  Not a problem, you do not need to remove it. Simply select and drag the pin to the correct area – it’s as easy as that!

Material costings – assign costings to all materials used on a project. Know exactly how much you have spent on materials for a project – these costings are included on the project report!

Costings per client – a flexible system allows you to assign different hole and material costings per individual client.

Audit trail – knowing exactly what work has been carried out by who is very important to you. A full log of work carried out to a project, drawing and even down to a pin is viewable. An exportable option allows you to provide evidence in the form of a detailed report.

Export/Import projects – a smart and quick way to share projects with other FireArrest users. Surveyors and Installers can transfer drawing between accounts instantly with minimal delay.


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