FireArrest - How our digital surveying software can help you

By Andrew Blackwell

Did you know that Firearrest is a new, up to date system which is now available on the market. Turning surveying and installing into a quick and easy process through the use of a digital tool. Here are some interesting pointers which you may have not been aware of:


FireArrest is a piece of software which takes the place of your paper based processes. Site surveys are completed on the go using the digital reporting tool. Reports are automated and can be exported as a PDF for onward distribution.


Did you know that operatives can only access a project if they are within a ‘Geo-Zone’. This ‘Geo-Zone’ is set when creating a project within the dashboard. GPS from the operative’s tablet/phone will allow them to open the project if they are within the correct zone. This allows for accurate recording on site only, clever ey?

Automated Reports

During or at the end of project, it is important that your reports are generate and ready to send on to your clients. You’ll be pleased to know that throughout the project, the costings are automatically calculated per drawing. These costs are associated with hole descriptions and the materials that may have been used.

From within the Firearrest dashboard there are two types of reports that are generated.

  • Cost report, this is a breakdown of costs per drawing within a project.
  • Complete Project report, this is a full overview of all drawings, with photographic evidence along with the associated breakdown of costs.

Import/Export Project

Upon completion of a FireArrest project, the dashboard allows you to export the entire project as a FireArrest file. This can then be handed to another company to import the project into their FireArrest dashboard. Extremely useful feature which can be used for companies working together. For example, a surveying company can complete a site survey, marking areas of work with red pins. An installation company can then import this project, and use the drawing to visit areas of work, and mark as complete using the green pins. 


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