How Technology Has Changed Fire Safety

By Liam Fischer

Over the last few years technology has allowed all sorts of fields to become more advanced and also a lot easier to use. Every aspect of business and safety has also followed suit, it is a very much adapt or be left behind market. They may be some people that stick to the more traditional methods of pen and paper, but they will fall behind anyone else using the most up to date software for their task.

The biggest boon the workplace has gotten recently is the smartphone or tablet, these devices are everywhere and as long they are being monitored and people aren’t on them for outside work reasons, they can be used to help out with business purposes. It could be something as simple as having a work chat group anywhere you go or even having your product revolve around being on a mobile phone or tablet. As mentioned before they are quickly over taking the simple pen and paper methods that people are using, they are replacing clocking in methods, note taking and even the ability to mark and check safety features on construction sites. That’s how we use technology to our advantage with our FireArrest service.

With our FireArrest app it makes keeping track of fire safety issues and how to fix them. With this software all you need to do is upload a floor plan of the building your working on and then you can start adding pins onto the layout to show where work needs to be done. You can of course label these pins as well so you know what sorts of materials will be needed to be used and what sort of job needs to be done. On top of all of that you can also take pictures of the locations, so you always have a image to reference off of.

FireArrest is just one example of many that have managed to take technology and turn it into something unique and useful. There are many other companies and products out there that have embraced the modern times and are trying to be as innovative as possible.


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