Sporting Venues & Stadiums

Stadiums and sporting venues can come in all guises, from small local football grounds to world-beating stadiums that can hold tens of thousands. Even the smallest venues can contain a few hundred people, who are likely to be sat or stood in close proximity to each other.

Ensuring that everyone in the stadium is protected from the threat of fire is the responsibility of the party that owns or has been nominated to manage the stadium.

Sporting Venue & Stadium Fire Risks

With potentially thousands of people within a sporting or stadium setting, it’s crucial that owners and managers understand the risks when it comes to fire safety.

Risks are posed to not only spectators, but to those performing, the stewards, the technical teams and those behind the scenes.

With this in mind, it’s absolutely crucial that every possible angle has been covered to try to mitigate the risks of fires in such a potentially vulnerable setting.

The two biggest risks of fire in such a setting are arson and electrical appliances.

Large-scale stadiums are designed and built to create an atmosphere, whether that be at a sporting event or a musical performance. Despite this, arson is one of the top causes of a blaze in such a setting. This is one of the reasons why security is taken so seriously – particularly in high-pressured environments such as sporting events.

Although some stadiums are quite simplistic in construction, there will often be lighting and sound equipment present. At some events the electric appliance may become a core part of the experience – think firework fountains, smoke machines and laser shows.

Big artists and DJ’s will often perform in stadiums and it’s crucial that every single piece of electrical equipment is thoroughly inspected before the start of the event.

Challenges of Fire Safety in Sporting Venues & Stadiums

Emergency Exits

In the event of an emergency, particularly a fire, it’s important that stewards are trained to manage crowds to ensure there aren’t stampedes towards emergency exits.

Multi-Functioning Nature of the Venue

Most venues of this sort will be used for a multitude of events, from sporting fixtures, showpiece events and concerts. This means a risk assessments can be varied and wide-ranging.

Risk Assessment

Even the smallest of these venues can be quite large. This means any fire risk assessment must be renewed frequently, particularly given size and multi-occupancy.

How Can the FireArrest App Help You?

Our industry-leading app has been designed and developed to offer all the features and technology that a stadium owner or manager would require to ensure their venue is safe and adaptable.

The sheer range of tools and features have been put together to ensure that anyone responsible for fire safety in these settings is able to accurately report and dictate the risks of fire intuitively and collaboratively.


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