Fire Safety Surveyors offer fire safety advice to commercial premises, to ensure that the owner or manager of a building is complying with the relevant fire legislation.

A Fire Safety Surveyor is expected to provide practical solutions and technical advice to assist with all fire-related matters, no matter the sector, these include:

  • Offering advice on compliance with applicable regulations.
  • Preparing fire strategy reports ensuring applicable regulations are adhered to.
  • Undertaking stringent fire risk assessments.
  • Fire safety design and advice.

Surveyors & FireArrest

Any responsible person must ensure that all reasonable fire safety risks are removed, reduced, or managed to within a level which is acceptable in order to safeguard human life.

A surveyor in fire safety can be appointed by a Responsible Person or appointed by a professional body to inspect a commercial building from a fire safety point of view. A good example of this is the inspection of a premises before a sale.

What Can the FireArrest App Offer Surveyors?

Our specialised software has been developed alongside specialists to ensure surveyors and other fire stopping professionals can benefit from a solution that is both efficient and collaborative.

Our software includes a range of specially honed features and tools which give fire stopping professionals the ability to communicate, audit and inform their colleagues on the progress of any project.

The most crucial factors of any fire stopping project are teamwork, efficiency, and coordination, all of which are necessary to ensure compliance with the required legislation.

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