How It Works

1. Create a Project

Set up a project within the dashboard and add any important details such as the client name and site address. You can also assign devices to the project and set up a geo-fence so work can only be done on the project when the devices are within a certain radius of the site location.

2. Upload Documents and Drawings

You can upload any risk assessments and method statements for the project as well as any floor plans/drawings needed to work from.

3. Content Settings

Tailor the application content fields to meet your business requirements. You can preset the prices associated with each item/material used and for different amounts/sizes of each.

4. Beginning Work

Risk assessments and method statements previously uploaded have to be signed before any work on a drawing can commence. Documents are digitally signed, removing the risk of losing any paperwork and can be viewed again at any time throughout the project.

5. Carry Out Survey

Areas where work needs doing can be pinpointed on the drawings previously uploaded. Any descriptions and details of work done or to be done is stored against that location along with any photographic evidence all of which is time and date stamped. When work is complete at a location the marker can be changed to green, helping you to know what needs doing and where.

6. Project Report

A project report is automatically generated by the system once the project has been marked as complete. The downloadable pdf report includes a breakdown of each pinpoint including pictures, materials used and the associated costs as well as showing total costings for the project.