How It Works

FireArrest covers every stage of your fire stopping project. Within the App, you’ll find a range of easy to use tools and features to enable you to accurately map the location of all walls and floors whereby fire stopping materials have been installed. It also documents the date and what materials were used, providing a permanent record of fire-stopped locations for contractors carrying out work. This mean you have a complete audit trail for complete compliance.

Key Features

We have developed the FireArrest solution to be intuitive, providing all the necessary features to enable users to be productive, while recording every little detail of a project. It has a modern and simple user interface that allows users to easily access the feature they require within a few taps. This streamlined approach makes for quicker user adoption, allowing you to get on with what you do best.

It’s the ideal solution for passive fire protection contractors, construction firms, property owners, hospitals, schools and colleges, and essentially for anyone who is responsible for the health and safety of a building.

Comprehensive Audit Trail

FireArrest records an uneditable log of activity across the entirety of a project to provide comprehensive end-to-end documentation for traceability.

Self Customisable Reports

Download the information you require, which you can use to send project status updates to relevant individuals throughout the life of a project.

Auto Save

When working on a project, your work is automatically saved every 15 minutes, for added peace of mind and efficiency.

Annotate Photographs

Add more detail to photos by improving the colour quality or highlighting a certain area for greater clarity on work completed.

Pin Data

Precisely place pins to a floor plan to easily identify if work needs doing when working on a project or when work has been completed. We’ve included expanded zoom capabilities, scalable pins and filtering within this feature.

Multiple Operatives

FireArrest allows you to assign multiple operatives to the same project. With live updates sent between devices alerting operatives that work has been done at a location.


By using a device’s GPS, operatives can only begin work on a project when they are located within a radius of your choice.

Offline Mode

If you have little to no signal, the offline mode enables you to save any changes as soon as a connection is found.

Signed Documents

All operatives assigned to a project must digitally sign all risk assessments and method statements, which is recorded for complete clarity.

Time and date Stamps

Photographs taken and uploaded to a pin are automatically time and date stamped providing a strong evidence trail and accurate documentation.

Fire Rating

A fire rating can be added to each pin which is captured along with existing features in the audit trail and reports.

Document Library

Upload manufacturers installation guides and manuals. Once assigned to a project they will then be viewable from the app.

Global Document Library

Installation guides and manuals uploaded by FireArrest will be viewable for all FireArrest customers (Pro package only).

Client Dashboard Access

Clients can be given access to the dashboard, allowing them to view updates on projects assigned to them (Pro package only).

FireArrest Inspector

Customisable forms that can be used for multiple purposes including check lists, inspection sheets, and other surveys.

FireArrest Drawing with Pins

Manage Costs

Setting up costs for labour and materials enables the FireArrest application to automatically calculate the total cost of a project, considering VAT and any adjustments you wish to make.


Set the base rate you wish to charge for any labour done. This can be altered for each individual client if required.​


Input the materials you use and set the price you charge for a selected unit of measure, allowing operatives to select the material used at that location and enter the measurements.


Add the rate of VAT you need to charge for your project and FireArrest will automatically add this to your reports.

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