FireArrest covers every stage of your fire stopping project, from initial survey through to completion. Within the App, you’ll find a range of easy to use tools and features to enable you to accurately report and complete work, while providing a complete audit trail for complete compliance.

How it Works

Key Features

The FireArrest App has been designed alongside fire stopping professionals, specifically for the passive fire protection sector to offer a solution that’s modern, easy to use, intuitive, comprehensive and competitive in price. 

The range of features enable operatives to complete work on a project efficiently and collaboratively, while providing a full audit trail of any work completed to ensure you remain compliant and productive. What’s more, the ability to share information and data via the app, along with creating customisable reports you can download, enables you to provide project status updates throughout the life of the project.

Do you often work alongside other companies or use contract workers? FireArrest allows you to share project information between other FireArrest users.

Auto Save

When working on a project, your work is automatically saved every 15 minutes, for added peace of mind and efficiency.

Annotate Photographs

Add more detail to photos by improving the colour quality or highlighting a certain area for greater clarity on work completed.


By using a device’s GPS, operatives can only begin work on a project when they are located within a radius of your choice.

Pin Data

Precisely place pins to a floor plan to easily identify if work needs doing when working on a project or when work has been completed. We’ve included expanded zoom capabilities, scalable pins and filtering within this feature.

Device Pins 2

Multiple Operatives

FireArrest allows you to assign multiple operatives to the same project. With live updates sent between devices alerting operatives that work has been done at a location.

Offline Mode

If you have little to no signal, the offline mode enables you to save any changes as soon as a connection is found.

Signed Documents

All operatives assigned to a project must digitally sign all risk assessments and method statements, which is recorded for complete clarity.

Time and Date Stamps

Photographs taken and uploaded to a pin are automatically time and date stamped providing a strong evidence trail and accurate documentation.

Manage Costs

Setting up costs for labour and materials enables the FireArrest application to automatically calculate the total cost of a project, considering VAT and any adjustments you wish to make. 


Set the base rate you wish to charge for any labour done. This can be altered for each individual client if required.


Input the materials you use and set the price you charge for a selected unit of measure, allowing operatives to select the material used at that location and enter the measurements.


Add the rate of VAT you need to charge for your project and FireArrest will automatically add this to your reports.

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