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FireArrest Laptop Installation Settings 360 Mobile

Available on iOS and Android

The easiest and most user-friendly app for the fire prevention industry.

How It Works.

Step 1

Download App to Your Device

Get started by easily downloading FireArrest directly to your iOS or Android device, and step into a world of streamlined fire protection management.

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Step 2

Book a Free Consultation

Schedule your complimentary consultation today and discover how FireArrest can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your business.

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Step 3

Upload Your Floor Plan

Begin by uploading your building’s floor plan to our app, setting the stage for detailed and precise fire protection planning.

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Step 4

Drop Your Pins

Utilise our interactive map to place pins on critical locations, effectively marking areas for fire-stopping measures and safety equipment.

Drop Pins in App

Step 5

Take Photo’s/ Add Notes

Capture photographic evidence and annotate them with notes directly in the app, ensuring a comprehensive record of all fire-stopping work.

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Step 6

Add Costs/ Materials Breakdown

Easily input and track costs and materials, maintaining a detailed breakdown for efficient project management and budgeting.

CostsMaterials Breakdown

Step 7

Generate Custom Reports and Invoices

With just a few clicks, produce tailored reports and invoices, reflecting the thorough work and materials used in your fire protection projects.

Custom Reports

Step 8

Email Directly From the App To Your Client

Enhance communication by sending reports, invoices, and updates directly from the app to your clients, ensuring timely and professional correspondence.

Email on Tablet

Other Great Features


Geofencing in FireArrest allows for enhanced operational control and security by setting virtual boundaries around a specific geographical area. This feature enables automatic alerts and actions when operatives enter or leave a site, ensuring better time tracking, safety compliance, and efficient resource management.

Document Library

FireArrest’s Document Library offers a centralised repository for all your fire protection documents, from safety guidelines to compliance certificates, ensuring easy access and organisation. Streamline your workflow by having all necessary documents at your fingertips, allowing for quick reference and efficient management.

Work Offline

With FireArrest’s offline mode, continue your work uninterrupted even in areas without internet connectivity. This feature ensures that your progress is saved and synchronised once you’re back online, allowing you to work from any location at any time without losing a step.

Let's Get Started

14 DAY FREE TRIAL - Free App Download for iOS and Android

Dive into the world of advanced fire safety management with FireArrest, now available for free on both iOS and Android platforms. Begin your journey with a 14-day free trial of our full-featured product, experiencing the complete suite of tools designed to streamline and enhance your fire safety projects. Alternatively, opt for our forever-free freemium version, offering essential functionalities for those who need basic, yet effective fire protection solutions. Whether you’re looking for comprehensive support or just the essentials, FireArrest is your go-to app for managing fire safety efficiently and effectively. Download now and transform the way you handle fire safety management.


Experience seamless fire safety management on the go with our iOS app. Download now from the App Store and elevate your fire protection strategy with intuitive features, live support and real-time updates.


Get the power of FireArrest in the palm of your hand with our Android app. Click to download from Google Play and unlock a world of efficient fire safety management tools tailored for your Android device.

In order to make the most of your 14-day trial we strongly recommend a FREE 30-minute online training session is also booked.