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FireArrest Homescreen on Tablet Device
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Global Document Library

Customisable Reports

Annotate Images

Interactive Floor Plans

Digital Signatures

Navigate with Precision: Interactive Floor Plans

Explore our interactive floor plan feature, tailor-made for seamless navigation and detailed project management. This tool empowers you to visualise and customise every aspect of your fire protection plan, ensuring precision and efficiency in every step. Dive into a world of detailed mapping tailored to your unique fire safety needs.

Integrated Cost and Materials Management

Setting up costs for labour and materials enables the FireArrest application to automatically calculate the total cost of a project, considering VAT and any adjustments you wish to make.

Cross Platform App That Can Be Used Anywhere

FireArrest’s app works across different platforms, ensuring you stay connected and in control of your fire protection plan, whether you’re on-site or on the move.

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FireArrest on TV 1400
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User Friendly
Simple Yet Powerful Interface

The FireArrest app is designed with user-friendliness at its core, making complex fire protection tasks straightforward and manageable. Its intuitive interface guides you smoothly through each feature, ensuring a hassle-free experience even for those new to fire protection management. The app simplifies the process of tracking, reporting, and managing fire safety tasks, enabling users to focus on the critical aspects of fire protection without being bogged down by complicated software mechanics.

Performance Overview

Our application is designed to simplify and enhance fire safety procedures, offering an array of user-friendly tools and features. From interactive floor plans to detailed performance overviews, FireArrest caters to all your fire protection needs, ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and ease of use.


FireArrest records an uneditable log of activity across the entirety of a project to provide comprehensive end-to-end documentation for traceability.


Download the information you require, which you can use to send project status updates to relevant individuals throughout the life of a project.


Designed for simplicity, it allows quick access to essential functions, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for all users, regardless of their technical expertise.


Annotate images by adding notes or highlighting a certain area for greater clarity on work completed.


Upload manufacturers installation guides and manuals. Once assigned to a project they will then be viewable from the app.


Precisely place pins to a floor plan to easily identify if work needs doing when working on a project or when work has been completed.

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Personalised Demo

Experience how the app can streamline your fire protection management process first hand. Our team will walk you through the various features and functionalities, demonstrating how FireArrest can be customised to fit the unique demands of your projects, ensuring you get the most out of your fire safety efforts.

Prompt Support

That's why we offer prompt support to all our users. Whether you have a technical question or need help navigating through the app, our dedicated team is ready to provide quick and efficient solutions. With our commitment to excellence, you can rely on us to ensure your fire protection management is always running smoothly.

Free Training

These training sessions are designed to help you understand the functionalities and features, ensuring you can fully leverage FireArrest for your fire protection management. From basic operations to advanced features, our training covers it all, allowing you and your team to become proficient users.

14 DAY FREE TRIAL - Free App Download for iOS and Android

Dive into the world of advanced fire safety management with FireArrest, now available for free on both iOS and Android platforms. Begin your journey with a 14-day free trial of our full-featured product, experiencing the complete suite of tools designed to streamline and enhance your fire safety projects. Alternatively, opt for our forever-free freemium version, offering essential functionalities for those who need basic, yet effective fire protection solutions. Whether you’re looking for comprehensive support or just the essentials, FireArrest is your go-to app for managing fire safety efficiently and effectively. Download now and transform the way you handle fire safety management.


Experience seamless fire safety management on the go with our iOS app. Download now from the App Store and elevate your fire protection strategy with intuitive features, live support and real-time updates.


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In order to make the most of your 14-day trial we strongly recommend a FREE 30-minute online training session is also booked.


FireArrest is a software for passive fire protection, helping in managing and documenting fire-stopping procedures.

FireArrest works as a comprehensive app available for both iOS and Android devices, designed to facilitate various aspects of passive fire protection management. Once downloaded, it provides a suite of tools and features that allow users to map out fire stopping locations, track and manage fire safety tasks, generate customisable reports, and maintain a robust record of all activities for compliance and auditing purposes. It’s designed to improve efficiency and accuracy in managing fire safety projects, all through a user-friendly interface accessible from your mobile device.

Features include customisable reports, photographic evidence, and strong security measures.

FireArrest implements robust security and privacy measures to protect user data.

Yes, it can function offline, allowing work in areas with limited connectivity.

To get started, you can simply download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

Yes, we offer a no-obligation 14-day FREE trial.

The FireArrest team provides free training sessions, free customer support and additional resources for users.