• Manage Costs

    Cost your projects efficiently with FireArrest's accurate itemisation tools. Track project points, labour and stock costs with accurate reporting.

  • Manage Safety

    With FireArrest your surveyors can complete risk assessments and method statements with ease, and you can ensure your team reads them.

  • Manage Labour

    FireArrest will guide your team to work points and allow them to give accurate, timestamped information on individual works completed.

FireArrest OnSite Reporting - Fire Stopping Efficiency

FireArrest allows site managers, surveyors and site teams to communicate effectively across projects. Available on Android platforms, FireArrest is designed to be the most cost-effective inspection, surveying and site management tool available on the market.

Stage 1

FireArrest Manages Your Projects

Administrators can add clients and projects at the touch of a button, for effective fire stopping project management. If your surveyor also uses FireArrest, use the Import Project tool to immediately import their work! With Cloud-based technology, check in on your team and their projects wherever you are.

Stage 2

FireArrest Supports Your Site Team

Using the FireArrest project management application for Android and our provided rugged tablet, site managers can keep the whole team updated on project progress as it happens. Using a PIN system, site teams can update works as they progress and provide time/date stamped evidence of their work.

Stage 3

FireArrest Provides Instant Reports

When a project is completed, the FireArrest Dashboard will generate a full report of works completed for you to provide to your clients. This will include fully customizable job costings and complete evidence of works undertaken. Keep the project documents for as long as you need them – you’ll get up to 1TB of storage on your dashboard!


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Why FireArrest?

FireArrest covers your complete process, from initial project survey to completion. Provide full documentation and keep everyone updated - and store your projects digitally for as long as you want to.

  • Project Creation

    Create a database for your project based on site location or client name.

  • Upload Plan

    Upload your floor plan schematics for your overview and to be accessed by your site team.

  • Survey

    Surveyors can pinpoint areas of work for site teams. These pins can be assigned directly to team members.

  • Tools

    FireArrest provides site managers tools such as an easy-to-use Cloud dashboard, geofencing and client reporting to manage jobs in progress.

  • Accuracy

    Keep your documentation accurate with time and date stamped photographs and electronic drawings.

  • Submit and Report

    FireArrest generates a project report automatically on completion, covering everything from tools used to costings.

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The FireArrest Benefit

FireArrest has been designed to make your life easier when running Fire Stopping projects. Check out the benefits of using our service below.

  • Security

    Your database will be hosted on PCI DSS regulated Microsoft Azure and will be accessible from the Cloud, whether you're at home or on the job.

  • Hardware

    FireArrest is designed for Android 8 - we'll provide you with hardware fit for the job. Our rugged tablet is IP65 rated, with a large enough screen to make accurate amendments.

  • Geofencing

    Up to date geolocation technology allows you to ensure that your site staff are on the job when they make updates - ensuring you get the right data at the right time.

  • Project Drawings

    Upload as many site drawings as you need. Dependent upon your subscription, document uploading is provided, and all documents will sync to the FireArrest application within minutes of upload.

  • Full Documentation

    Protect your company in the event of legal enquiries. All photographs taken in the FireArrest Android application will be time/date stamped for full visibility in the event of client queries.

  • Customisable Reports

    FireArrest's project reports are accurate and customisable. Once your work is done, your end of project report will be automatically generated in your database.

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FireArrest has comprehensively improved our business processes, and keeps our records organised and accessible via the Cloud. It's simple - but effective!

Joel Latimer

Owner - Latimer Fire

Provide Evidence of Safety Compliance

Meet all required compliance to Government safety standards by providing full end-to-end documentation for fire stopping industry requirements. FireArrest provides photographic evidence of required and completed works with date and time stamps provided. The FireArrest OnSite Dashboard offers comprehensive access to all reports, evidence and documentation issued to administrators in the event of requests for information by clients on site progress.

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Pricing Table

Check out our prices below. Some of our costs are priced on assessment - if in doubt, give us a call on 0845 4 903 901 and we'll give you an accurate costing on the phone.





Storage Space

Inspect & Survey 

Locate and Tag

Capture and record

Add Notes to your Drawings

Import / Export Projects to other FireArrest Users

Cloud Based 

Add Pictures to your Pins

Create Client Invoices Automatically

Download Comprehesive Project Reports

Set Geo Zones for Users / Operatives

Assign Materials  to Pins

Unlimited Drawing Uploads included in Plan 






up to 100GB

Drawing Upload Credits

1 x Drawing Upload Credit - £50.00 each


Bulk Purchase your Drawing Uploads  

5 x Drawing Upload Credits - £45.00 each

10 x Drawing Upload Credits - £40.00 each

5 free drawing uploads with every new plan






A massive 1TB Storage / Hosting

Monthly Fees for Users / Operatives

First 5 users / Operatives - Free

5 - 10 Users / Operatives  - £24.95

11 - 25 Users / Operatives - £22.95

26 -  50 Users / Operatives  - £19.95

50+ Users / Operatives - POA

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Frequently Asked Questions

We've catalogued some of our most popular questions for you to refer to below. If you have any more specific questions, please feel free to give us a call.

  • 1. How will this product improve safety standards?

    FireArrest is designed to document fire stopping projects, to allow the quick and easy transfer of risk assessment documentation from surveyors to fire stopping teams, and to allow item-specific costing and comprehensive evidence of works completed. By automating safety processes like risk assessments, you’ll be able to get more work done.

  • 2. What’s the difference between FireArrest Light and Pro?

    With Light, your surveying team can use FireArrest to export method statements and risk assessments. Also, small enterprises can get access to all the features at a discounted price, with drawing uploads paid per item. Meanwhile, with Pro, fire stopping teams can get access to a larger amount of storage (1TB) and project drawing uploads as part of the package.

  • 3. What happens if my FireArrest tablet is in an area with low signal?

    While FireArrest functions equally well via Wi-Fi or 4G, if you’re working in a signal-free area, we also have you covered. The FireArrest application for Android will store your data in offline mode, until the point where the tablet is able to reconnect to the internet. At that time, the information will automatically sync back up to the main database.

  • 4. How long will you store my data?

    Depending on your subscription, you’ll receive either 100GB or 1TB of storage, which is yours to use as you see fit. If you decide to cancel your subscription but you need to keep hold of your records – don’t worry. In order to uphold Government compliance, your documents will be available for you read-only regardless and we will be able to assist you in downloading them from your database subject to your request.

  • 5. Can FireArrest help me with job costing projections?

    FireArrest allows you to cost your jobs per item used – this’ll assist you in calculating stock and labour cost on similar projects in the future. With detailed project reporting and customisable fields, you can use FireArrest to track and report on the data that’s important to you.

  • 6. Can I purchase hardware from you?

    Yes. Feel free to contact us should you need to purchase a tablet optimised to run FireArrest. Our tablets are rugged, IP65 rated, and run on Android, and FireArrest will come pre-loaded for you.

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